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03 June 2011 @ 10:59 pm
HELLO!!! Huge post ahead... but there is no tl;dr summary. We want you to read it all, and, for that reason, we're also not using a cut. WE'RE STRETCHING YOUR FRIEND PAGE FOR A GOOD REASON!!

So, with the recent stagnation of the game, the mods have finally after months and months of discussion decided to actually attempt going through a revamp and restart to regain interest. Over the course of the next few weeks or so, the mods will be going over all the informational posts, the current game format, and a few other things. Then, we'll be making some potentially major changes. We've already got some ideas on where changes will be made, but we'll get to all of that once things are ready to go.

What this means for you, the player:

  • You can still play up until the revamp. We'll not be making the new posts official until after all the changes are made, so you can continue to play in the existing setting with the existing format and the existing rules.

  • Current characters will be automatically re-accepted upon the restart of the game. You do not need to re-apply. You will also have the option at the time of the restart to either completely reset your character as if they just arrived, canon update your character to a later point in their timeline, or keep them as they are with their current in-game memories. It's up to you!

  • All changes, once announced, will be effective immediately.

  • One rule during this time will be 'repealed', so to speak. Because the mods are concentrating on making changes to the game, your activity levels will not be monitored. This means you do not have to worry about the monthly posting requirements of the game if these changes end up taking us longer than one month... which, considering schedules for real life, is likely to happen.

What we want from you, the player: IDEAS!!

Because we are making such comprehensive changes, we are going to be open to hearing ideas from you. Some things currently on the plate are:

  • changing to a comm-based format instead of using the individual journals

  • new activity requirements and how we do the activity check each month

  • making our single island into two or three closely put together islands

  • new monsters in the jungle

  • monthly events that may or may not be holiday/seasonally appropriate

  • changing the layout of the village area

  • overlying plot (do we want one? if so, what should it be?)

  • putting the 'Doom' in Tropical Doom

As you can see, we've got a lot on our plate. So we want to hear from you during this process. We'll hear ideas for as long as it takes for us to finish all our changes. You might see some polls appear during this process, so keep your eyes out for them so you can offer your opinions on what we're doing.

We had considered closing/hiatusing the game during this time, but we didn't want to lose anyone if it took a really long time, so we're leaving things open for you to play while this is happening.

Also, don't forget! We have an AIM chatroom listed on the game contact page, which you need to be logged in to an account that is a member of the community to see. Instructions on how to join are there, too. We'll take live suggestions in the chatroom or through individual IMs (our accounts are listed) as well as via comments on this post. Comments will be screened, so don't worry about that.

For now, that's it. We'll be in touch! Happy gaming!
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27 April 2011 @ 12:16 am
Catching up right now, so I'm going to leave myself on hiatus until I'm done. If there was anything pressing that needed my characters' attention while I was gone, feel free to point me in the right direction. Either way, I'm home from con, and I don't have to work for a few days, so I'll be able to relax a bit while I get my roleplaying drive back...

And rest up... 'cuz I'm exhausted!

This affects Tieria Erde, Duo Maxwell, MOMO Mizrahi and Minako Aino/Sailor Venus.
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06 March 2011 @ 11:22 am
Yeah, I'm dropping Zelas. I can't do anything with her anymore, especially when I can count the number of characters posting in here with one hand.

remove juuou_zelas from your friends lists, please.
21 February 2011 @ 04:30 pm
I probably should have posted this before I left, haha...

Anyway, I'll skip the details. I'm out of town for the week. Tagging will be slow. Nothing new until after I get back.

Effects: Duo, Minako, MOMO, and Tieria

See ya!
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24 January 2011 @ 05:54 pm
Now that it's a new year, there's something new to have fun with. Have you ever wanted your character to suddenly become a child, or end up older than they actually are? Now's your chance!

Switch your character's age!

Posts can be made in journals or the log community, as is your whim.
29 December 2010 @ 12:20 pm
Oh my gods! I'm sorry, guys! Between Christmas with the in-laws and the blizard that hit this past weekend, I was gone for far too long. I'm going to jump on my tags ASAP! You all know I wouldn't abandon you guys, but I'm still sorry... TT~TT
22 December 2010 @ 05:53 am
I have returned! The trip was awesome sauce and I'm currently catching up on organizing my stuff and unpacking and laundry... all that post-vacation fun stuff. I'll try to get something out before Christmas.
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07 December 2010 @ 05:46 pm
Hey, all... just a heads up. Starting Friday, I'm taking a slightly more than a week long hiatus. I'm going on a week cruise to the Bahamas and need prep and recovery time for a couple days before and after. I'll probably do some catching up quick before the holiday weekend, so it'll be a slowatus after that until New Year's... depending on job situations.

Figured I'd let you all know now while I was thinking about it instead of trying to last minute post this to all my RPGs. ^_^;;

This effects Tieria Erde, MOMO Mizrahi, Minako Aino and Duo Maxwell.
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05 December 2010 @ 03:10 am
Our lovely Hotaru-mun, Q, posted this over at ATP today. Feel free to promote the game and chat up potential players that might respond, or feel free to add on to that thread with any characters that aren't listed. We went with the current set of characters on our wishlist (which you guys can post to, btw) and added to it from contributions in chat (which you can find out how to join on the Members Contact List when you're logged in to your member account, since it's members locked to protect our contact information from spammers).
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23 November 2010 @ 11:36 pm
Just to let you know... New Event! Have fun with it. XD
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23 November 2010 @ 08:08 pm
Go look at the hut listing to see where your characters are now! It's been updated.

Also, just as a reminder, we have an AIM chat room! Just invite yourself to tropicaldoom, and any member of the RPG on AIM can join in! We'd love to have you in there. :D
12 November 2010 @ 02:02 pm
I think I'll officially post this, though it should be obvious... I'm leaving TD again. Love ya all, guys, but it's not worked out for me.

You can still stalk me/talk to me/whatever via AIM.

Remove forashura
28 October 2010 @ 08:20 pm
If you haven't seen it yet, the Halloween log is up. Go there and join the fun!
02 October 2010 @ 06:42 pm
Round 1 for updates for this month is done with! All the major pages have been updated, and please update your friend lists accordingly.
14 September 2010 @ 11:04 pm
Guys, mods have an interesting question to pose to you. We're working on a schedule for some events, and need just a little help in the suggestion department on a few things.

1) We're looking at some sort of harvest festival thing with the time of year coming up. Do you guys want to do something around Oktoberfest time (later this month) or American Thanksgiving time (late November)?

2) Suggestions! Random things you'd like to see, or plot ideas for something that can just spread out in waves. We do still have the list from last time, we'd just like to add to it. Comments should be screened, so feel free to toss out whatever you'd like.
07 September 2010 @ 09:11 pm
Well, I think it's time I gave up and Fai said goodbye.

It's been a lot of fun! I hope to come back with someone else sometime.

Please remove celeswizard

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01 September 2010 @ 03:37 pm
It's getting to be a new month, which means that a new ATP is likely to go up. So if anyone's got any request, please comment here so we can get a post going for the next one!
30 July 2010 @ 09:54 pm
Hello everyone,

Klaus Grado is new to the island, and since he's arriving at a trying time (his base just got attacked) he might be a bit rattled.

I look forward to seeing what happens!

Okay... play rehearsals are picking up. Starting this weekend, we have weekend rehearsals. The stage is going up in the room we're using, and we're going to have to be moving tables and chairs before and after rehearsals. Rehearsals are getting extended starting next week to include hair and make-up time before... and then full run-throughs, which means we're there 'til we're finished, regardless of when that is. We open on August 6th, so... yeah. Busy busy!

My posting will most likely be restricted to work hours. However, things are picking up there now, too, because we have four major projects to work on and they're all due around the same time. Oye!

So... I doubt I'll be up to full hiatus for at least another week, but I won't be able to really hang around on AIM for hours on end until after the play's over, at least. I really shouldn't be doing that anyway, but you get the idea. Our last performance is August 14th with an abbreviated road show to a local nursing home the weekend after that.

Whew! Busiest summer ever!

This affects Duo duo02shinigami, Minako child_of_luv, MOMO pechesagittaire and Tieria humaninnovator.
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21 July 2010 @ 11:19 pm
Just a friendly reminder! We have an AIM chat room. If you have AIM, you're welcome to join in! Details are here, along with AIM names of players and mods in case you're not sure how to get in and need an invite. Just IM one of us and we'll be glad to invite you in!

Hope to see you all there!
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